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          業務電話: 0555-3708086、3708087(王女士)

          Huanmei quality inspection company:

                MAANSHAN Huanmei Quality Inspection Technology Service Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of Anhui Jianda Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., was founded in 2014 and is a third-party inspection and evaluation organization with comprehensive research ability. For many years, it has been providing scientific, fair, accurate and honest testing and evaluation services for government departments, enterprises and institutions and other social industries. The business scope covers environmental testing and acceptance, occupational health testing and evaluation, safety evaluation, public health testing and other fields.

                The laboratory is located in room a501, Xinchen business building, no.1350, Jiuhua West Road, Yushan District, Ma'anshan City, Anhui Province. The existing office area is 800 square meters, of which the laboratory area is nearly 300 square meters. The company firmly believes that "the quality of test data is the life of the third-party test and evaluation organization". The company is equipped with atomic absorption spectrophotometer, gas chromatograph and ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer. There are more than 80 sets of advanced chemical analysis instruments and equipment, including dust sampler, air sampler, analytical balance, WBGT tester, integrated sound level meter, portable large flow and low concentration smoke automatic tester, intelligent two-way smoke sampler, air / intelligent TSP integrated sampler, intelligent high-precision integrated standard instrument, etc. 

          Business phone: 0555-3708086, 3708087 (Ms. Wang)